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Year-long project where day by day feelings, thoughts and desires will be exposed in different visual ways. *ALL photos are mine. *Most words are too, the rest are either quotes, lyrics, etc. (click on the time to see notes, reblog, like)

The real new black!
Well, everything started in this blog 3 years ago.
Last friday I finally finished the project on an amazing exhibit in a gallery in Mexico.
Thank you so much every single one of you who have encouraged me with your words. This is just the beginning of something much bigger and deeper.
Visit my facebook page to see how it went :) 
364/365 The most beautiful things take sacrifice.

"365 Projects" consist of sharing a photo, a writing, a drawing or anything worth making a practice for 365 days in a row. That, I’m sure isn’t really new to anyone.
Back in 2011 I decided to start off the year with a 365 of my own where both thoughts as well as personal photos would be blent together daily. And well, for me it took 1,277 days to realize that it is such an ambitious thing to think that we can always rely on inspiration to create something worth sharing. For example, let’s say you’re going through a breakup, a final test, or travelling across the continent: it almost becomes impossible to sit down and create something beautiful, and from time to time I would come up with something so bad, that I had no choice but to post it up.
In the end it took me 3.5 years to put 365 pieces together.
When I started “Care365” or “Care Daily”, I was a university student, with a great job and nothing more than dreams. I would pretty much make all of my photos about things that I wanted to do: Travel far, discover the world, meet people, work while travelling, etc. Time went by, and people with similar dreams would identify themselves with the pieces, and start sharing. I received emails from all over the world telling me how much inspiration they have found in my project. 
Everything was good, I had great ideas, huge dreams, but that was just the first part. The easy part. I then had to make everything happen.
Shortly after, I quit my job, finished school and started travelling (not far, really), collaborating, working, sharing, helping, and kept creating art.
Time went by, and my huge passion for what I do, ended up taking me all over the place. I moved to different countries, I met amazing people from all over the world, and had such beautiful opportunities where I even got the chance to work for musicians, and people I’ve always admired.
So in a way I proved myself that the best things in life take a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice. So this is the 364 piece from my (supposed to be) 365 project. It is my motto as well as my main reminder that I have to keep getting up to create more no matter how hard it sometimes is. It is also the very last digital piece I will be sharing online. I thought that this project started off online, why end it online? So the last piece will be physical, and will only be seen in upcoming exhibitions I will be having in different cities.
This photo is also a collaboration with Clive Campbell - @fliickman, an amazing photographer and dear friend I met because of all of this.
So I guess that in the end I might’ve not finished the project in the 365 days, but I did start living how I dreamt it all at first.
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Heliophilia (n.) desire to stay in the sun.
The best things in life are free.
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Sophrosyne (n.) healthy state of mind characterized by self-control, moderation and deep awareness of one’s true self; resulting in true happiness.
Make a good change today for a better tomorrow.
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Metanoia.- the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self, or way of life.
"It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it." - ER
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Aren’t we all used to having everything ready in our hands? Many processes used to be much longer and romantic.Try to take a little time and enjoy a long process, whether it’s writing a letter to someone faraway instead of instant messaging or shooting analog photography instead of digital and even milling and brewing your own coffee instead of getting an instant one.Don’t forget that the most beautiful things usually take time, effort, patience and sacrifice
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Only your dreams should keep you working over time.
While some are resting, others are working hard to achieve what they believe in.
Ask yourself how far do you want to get? Now get up and go do it.
They say that this world has become too complex for simple answers.They are wrong.
This world
is far too big
to spend our time
in one place only
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